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Who are the next movers and shakers?

Posted in Fund by Elly Blue on May 22, 2010

Bike Economics was a a lot of fun, a great way to see what local bike entrepreneurs have been doing—and was also a successful fundraiser for the new Women Leaders in Active Transportation Fund.

We’re looking forward to making the event an annual one. Next year, our first grant recipients will present about their work.

And who will these leaders-in-the-making be? It’ll be a while longer before we know. We’re hard at work in the text production factory, figuring out the exact parameters of what this thing will look like. When it’s ready (soon!) we’ll announce it here and ask you all to spread the word to women and girls who might want to apply. Maybe you’re one of them!

In the meantime, you can help us increase the amount of support we’re able to give by making a donation. Your gift will make an impact in helping someone realize their abilities and transform our community.

To stay in the loop about the Fund and the annual Bike Economics event, email elly at portlandsociety dot org to join the email announcement list.


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