Bike Economics


About the event:

We originally planned Bike Economics to celebrate the entrepreneurs who have successfully been building Portland’s $90 million bicycle economy. From DIY projects in a group house’s kitchen table to multimillion dollar retail empires, Portland’s bike businesses are a diverse lot, having little in common besides intrepidity, creativity, and of course bicycles.

We were quickly overwhelmed by the number of potential participants. And as our list grew, we started wondering: Where are all the women? We drafted a new list, this one of woman-owned bicycle businesses, and it all clicked into place.

We’re thrilled to invite everybody to help us celebrate Portland’s bicycle economy and the inspiring contributions of these women at:

Bike Economics: A fundraiser showcasing local, woman-owned, bicycle-oriented businesses
When: Thursday, May 6, from 7:30pm to 9:30pm
Where: United Bicycle Institute, 3961 N Williams Ave, Portland
Donation: $10 to $30

About the fund:

Bike Economics is a fundraiser for a new venture, the Women Leaders in Active Transportation Fund.

Here’s the situation. Portland is brimming over with good ideas and passion for transforming our streets into more vibrant, livable public spaces. To make these ideas reality, we need more leaders with the tools, knowledge, and networks to organize effectively.

We’ll be working with the smart folks at Umbrella (in the initial stages, at least) to develop a program to make individual grants available to women in the Portland area who are working in any capacity on making our streets more vibrant, safe, and community-oriented. Examples of things that we might fund include:

  • Attending a transportation conference
  • Attending a training, for instance in collective process, nonprofit accounting, or meeting facilitation
  • Learning a skill or gaining a certificate, such as web design or backhoe operation

Successful applicants will be asked to present at our annual event on how they have applied what they learned to active transportation projects, and how they shared their new skills or knowledge with others.

The specifics of the funding process will change as we learn more and develop our plans. The goal is to begin accepting applications by the fall of 2010.

If you can’t make it to the Bike Economics event and would still like to donate to the fund, thank you! Please make your check out to “Umbrella” with “bike economics” in the memo line, and mail to:

820 SW 2nd Ave, Suite 200
Portland, OR 97204

About the organizers:

Ellee Thalheimer is a self-employed yoga instructor and masseuse, operating under the name of Ellee’s Yoga and Sweet Choice Bodyworks, LLC. She has led bicycle tours and worked as a freelance writer for outlets including Lonely Planet, Momentum Magazine, BikePortland, and Oregon Cycling Magazine (RIP). She is currently training for a 200 mile mountain bike race across Kansas.

Elly Blue is a livable streets activist and self employed writer and editor. She was until recently Managing Editor of BikePortland, and prior to that was lead coordinator of the international Towards Carfree Cities conference in Portland. She rides her Xtracycle all over Portland and is writing a book about how to get around by bike.

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